Veluwsche Stoomtrein Maatschappij

The VSM operates a variety of steam locomotives on the old railway between Apeldoorn and Dieren. The VSM Museum Station is located in Beekbergen, where you can also find the steam depot and the locomotive shed, including the workshops. VSM has an impressive and varied fleet of rolling stock including a large collection of old steam and diesel locomotives, historical coaches and wagons. Your visit will give you a glimpse of the age of steam railways in the last century.

Stoomtrein Katwijk Leiden

As you enter the station, it seems as if you have stepped back in time. At the platform a nearly 100 years old steam locomotive and its antique wooden carriages are waiting for you. The conductor blows his whistle, the fireman feeds his fire, and as the engine driver pulls the regulator, the train puts itself into motion, puffing and blowing. Don’t expect high speed, it is a slow train your grandparents will remember from their youth.

Stoom Stichting Nederland


An old-fashioned shed with a turntable houses the SSN’s seven steam and three diesel locomotives. A separate shed is available for the nine ­carriages. This rolling stock is used for rides on the national rail network. More days trips abroad are also offered. The locomotive shed is also used for ­maintenance and can be visited.

Museum depot Transit Oost

Visit the museum and workshop in Winterswijk. Experience the history of textile industry, of coal traffic and of public transport in the eastern part of The Netherlands. Find out how important the railways were in the last century. Meet Jan Willink, founder of the first railway in the so-called Achterhoek and see how everything changed with the arrival of trucks and buses.

Stichting RoMeO


Would you like to experience Rotterdam in a new and unique way? Board tram line 10 in the summer months for a tour of all the sights of the city on a historic tram. A visit to the tram museum at depot Hillegersberg, where a large part of the historic tram collection is exhibited, is also definitely worth the effort. Check the website for the opening hours of the museum and for information on all our activities.

NZH Vervoer Museum


The so-called Blue Tram and Budapesters played a major role in public transport in the provinces of North and South Holland. Tramcars and equipment are exhibited in Haarlem. The atmospheric museum has a workshop where you can see how a tramcar from 1904 is being restored in old style, as well as an NZH bus from 1962. The shop offers a wide range of books and DVDs on the history of the NZHVM.

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